Stencil-printed Lithium-ion Micro Batteries for IoT Applications

Anju Toor, Albert Wen, Filip Maksimovic, Abhinav Gaikwad, Kris Pister, and Ana Arias

Under review, 2020

Optimization of Printed Flexible Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Sodium, Ammonium and Lactate in Sweat

Alla Zamarayeva, Natasha Yamamoto, Margaret Payne, Anju Toor, Caleb Woods et al.,

Under review, 2020

Wrinkling, Folding, and Stress Decays in Jammed Nanoparticle Surfactant Assemblies at the Oil-Water Interface

Joe Forth, Yu Chai, Andres Mariano, Jaffar Hasnain, Anju Toor, Yufeng Jiang et al.

Under review, 2020

Journal Articles

Bijels the Easy Way

Joe Forth, Anju Toor, Yu Chai, Caili Huang, Xubo Liu, Wenqian Feng, Shaowei Shi, Dong Wang, Paul D Ashby, Brett A Helms and Thomas P Russell

RSC Soft Matter, 2020.

Electrode Composite for Flexible Zinc‐Manganese Dioxide Batteries through In‐situ Polymerization of Polymer Hydrogel

Alla M Zamarayeva, Akshaya Jegraj, Anju Toor, Veronika I Pister, Cheryl Chang, Austin Chou, James W Evans and Ana Claudia Arias

Energy Technology, 2019.

Mechanical Properties of Solidifying Assemblies of Nanoparticle Surfactants at the Oil-Water Interface

Anju Toor, Joe Forth, Simone Bochner de Araujo, Maria Consiglia Merola, Yufeng Jiang, Xubo Liu, Yu Chai et al.

Langmuir, 2019.

Reconfigurable Microfluidic Droplets Stabilized by Nanoparticle Surfactants

Anju Toor, Brett Helms and Thomas P. Russell

ACS Nano, 2018.

Reconfigurable Printed Liquids

Joe Forth, Xubo Liu, Jaffar Hasnain, Anju Toor, Karol Miszta, Shaowei Shi, Phillip L. Geissler, Todd Emrick, Brett A. Helms, Thomas P. Russell

Advanced Materials, 2018

Carboxylated Fullerene at the Oil/Water Interface

Rongqiang Li, Yu Chai, Yufeng Jiang, Paul Ashby, Anju Toor and Thomas P. Russell

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017.

Lithography-free microfabrication of AlGaN/GaN 2DEG strain sensors using laser ablation and direct wire bonding Microelectronic Engineering

Karen M. Dowling, Hongyun So, Anju Toor, Caitlin A. Chapin, Debbie G. Senesky

Microelectronic Engineering, 2017.

Dielectric properties of ligand-modified gold nanoparticles/SU-8 photopolymer based nanocomposites

Anju Toor, Hongyun So, and Albert P. Pisano

Applied Surface Science, 2017.

Self-Assembly of Nanomaterials at Fluid Interfaces

Anju Toor, Tao Feng and Thomas P. Russell,

The European Physical Journal E, 2016.

The Autotrix: Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Urban Driving System

Animesh Garg, Anju Toor, Sahil Thakkar, Shiwangi Goel, Sachin Maheshwari, and Satish Chand

Advanced Materials Research, 2011.

Mathematical Analysis of Centreboard Hopper Parts Feeder

Pradeep Khanna, Anju and Shiwangi Goel

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Applications, 2010.

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

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Invited Talks, Workshops, Short Papers and Posters

  • Contributed Talk, MRS Fall Meeting 2017
  • Poster, MRS Spring Meeting, 2017
  • Oral Presentation, Effect of nanoparticle surfactants on the Plateau-Rayleigh instability, APS March Meeting, 2017
  • Poster, CMU EECS Rising Stars Academic Workshop, Oct 2016
  • Non-volatile Storage Solutions Group, Intel, Oct 2016
  • The Clorox Company, Oct 2016
  • IBM Almaden Research Center, Sept 2016
  • Poster, Stanford-Berkeley Women in EE/CS Research Workshop, Apr 2016
  • Oral Presentation, Gold Nanoparticle/Polymer Composites with Improved Particle Dispersion, IEEE NANO, Rome, Jul 2015
  • Poster, SERES III, IGERT: Nanomaterials for Energy Storage & Conversion, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2015
  • Poster, Research Expo, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego, Apr 2014, Apr 2015
  • Oral Presentation, Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticle/SU-8 Polymer based Nanocomposites, IEEE NEMS, Apr 2014
  • Poster, Semiannual Research Review, Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Centre (BSAC), (2012-2014)